We are pleased to announce two 2018 Frank Carver Bursary awards!

Johann Glück (Energetic Materials Research, University of Munich, GERMANY)
The Development of Strontium-/Chlorine-Free Flare and Strobe Formulations Based on Lithium

Dr. Cédric Martin (NS3E Laboratory, French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis, FRANCE)
Nanosized Thermites and Explosives (NSTEX) Compositions – The Bridge Between Pyrotechnics and Explosives


Some information about the Bursary, from the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws, is provided below:

The Frank Carver Bursary Fund is a UK Charity which promotes advancement in the scientific understanding of energetic materials by assisting young pyrotechnicians to attend and present their work at international seminars being sponsored by The International Pyrotechnics Society. The Bursary was established following the financial success of the Fourteenth International Pyrotechnics Seminar organized in 1989 by the UK Government Pyrotechnics Research Group, in conjunction with the British Pyrotechnics Industry. Additionally, a significant contribution was made following the Twenty-eighth Seminar, organized by the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Australia in November 2001.

The value of the award shall initially be set at £1200 Sterling but can be increased at the discretion of the Trustees. The upper age limit for receipt of the bursary will be forty years at the time of submission of a paper to the Technical Steering Committee of the Seminar. A recipient shall not be eligible for future funding by the Frank Carver Bursary. To be eligible for an award, a paper must be submitted for oral presentation. Persons who wish to be considered for the award should notify their intention to the International and Technical Steering Committees of the Seminar and submit their written paper at least four months before the date of the Seminar or by an alternative date set by the Technical Steering Committee.