Since 2004, the Workshop on Pyrotechnic Combustion Mechanisms has often occurred as a separate event in conjunction with IPS Seminars. This one day workshop has featured extended presentations by invited specialists.

The 13th workshop happened on 26 June 2017, in conjunction with the 48th International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT. The topic was “Thermites – Versatile Energetic Materials.” The most up-to-date information about these workshops, including registration information, may be found on the Lutradyn website.

Earlier, the 12th workshop was held on 9 July 2016, before the 42nd IPS Seminar. The topic was “The Science and Technology of Next Generation Pyrotechnics.” The invited speakers and presentations were:

Jason Brusnahan, DST Group, Edinburgh, AUSTRALIA
Magnesium Boride, MgB2, a Fuel for Green Flares

Walter Focke, University of Pretoria, SOUTH AFRICA
Towards “Greener” and Safer Mining Detonators

Sebastian Knapp, Fraunhofer ICT, GERMANY
Emission Spectroscopy on Pyrotechnic Mixtures

Thomas Winfield Myers, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Explosive Chromophores for Laser Initiation

Steven Son, Purdue University, USA
Tailored Energetic Materials Using Modified Aluminum and Alloy Powders

Denis Spitzer, Institut Franco-Allemand Saint Louis, FRANCE
Hybrid Nanothermites: Energetic Materials for Cutting-Edge Applications