Chemistry of High-Energy Materials – New and Updated 3rd Edition
A revised and updated edition of this essential book is now available!

Chemistry of High-Energy Materials is written by IPS Life Member Thomas M. Klapötke. It is crucial reading for anyone interested or involved in the field of energetic materials.

A brief summary from the publisher website:

“Chemistry of High-Energy Materials continues in this new and revised 3rd edition to provide fundamental scientific insights into primary and secondary explosives, propellants, rocket fuel and pyrotechnics. The contents of the previous edition were meticulously updated and recent research developments added to this graduate-level textbook. Applications in military and civil fields are discussed. Especially environmental issues caused by lead-based primary explosives, perchlorates in pyrotechnic formulations and modern signal flare compositions are discussed and current research presented. Further additions include the understanding of the mechanism and continuing development of laser ignition methods, techniques for the characterization of detonators and their output as well as principles and effects of underwater explosions.”