The purpose of the Dr. Bernard E. Douda – Young Scientist Award (DBED–YSA) is to assist a young scientist in attending and presenting his/her research at an IPS Seminar. One award is made annually. The award, which is funded by the International Pyrotechnics Society, consists of payment of the Seminar and associated Workshop registration fees and a two year membership in the Society.

1. Applicant author must be under 40 years of age at the time of full paper submission deadline.
2. Applicant cannot be a past or current officer of the IPS or IPSUSA Seminars, Inc.
3. The full paper with a cover letter explaining the importance of the presented work must be submitted by the posted deadline.
4. A curriculum vitae must be submitted along with the cover letter and full paper.
5. Applicant must attend and present paper at the IPS Seminar.

Past Recipients

1st, 2012 / Justine M. L. Corbel, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
An Intriguing Oscillating Combustion Phenomenon

2nd, 2013 / Dr. Martin Rahm, University of Southern California, USA
The Quest for the Missing Energetic Building-Block Nitryl Cyanide, NCNO2

3rd, 2014 / Dr. Anthony P. Shaw, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC, USA
Advanced Boron Carbide-Based Visual Obscurants for Military Smoke Grenades

4th, 2015 / Dr. Michael M. Nardai, Fraunhofer ICT, Germany
Interaction Energies Between Binder Polymers and Crystalline Surfaces in Composite Materials Determined by Solution Microcalorimetry and Computer Simulation

5th, 2016 / Dr. Jonathan M. Dilger, U.S. Navy NSWC Crane, USA
Pyrolysis / Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry: A New Tool to Detect Toxic Byproducts of Pyrotechnic Reactions

6th, 2018 / Amee L. Polk, U.S. Army RDECOM-ECBC, USA
Pyrotechnically Generated and Disseminated Aerosol for Bio-Agent Defeat

7th, 2019 / Yueting Wang, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, China
Study on the Combustion Mechanism of Al/CuO Nano-Thermites in Microtubes