The purposes of the International Pyrotechnics Society are:

(1) To promote and facilitate the exchange of information concerning the science and technology of energetic materials.

(2) To create and maintain resources that can expedite members’ access to information about the science and technology of energetic materials.

(3) To sanction seminars on topics in the areas of energetic materials research, development, technology, and applications at such intervals that are appropriate for furthering the first purpose described above.

(4) To encourage research and education in the science and technology of energetic materials.

Although the International Pyrotechnics Society can trace its roots to 1968, the Society as we know it today was founded in 1980. The five founding members were:

Dr. David H. Anderson (Sandia National Laboratories)
Robert (Bob) M. Blunt (Denver Research Institute)
Dr. David R. Dillehay (Thiokol)
Dr. Bernard E. Douda (NWSC, Crane)
Dr. Allen J. Tulis (IIT Research Institute)

Now, the Society has seven officers – a President, two Vice Presidents, a Treasurer, a Secretary, an Archivist, and the Immediate Past President. These seven officers make up the Board of Directors and perform their duties in accordance with the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws.